TAKE-AWAY prepcooked

Order at GUSTO and bring it home where you can directly serve to your family and guests. The Chef Ewald cooks the original European food in traditional way. Now, we have some new specials for you:
Pork-knuckle Stuffed Roast Pork (Spiessbraten)

Veal Shank (Kalbsstelze, Kalbshaxe)

Roast Chicken (Brathuhn)

Minimum order: 2 people, order time: 3 days in advance


TAKE-AWAY fresh meat
Order at GUSTO for cooking at home.
Order timer: 3 days in advance.
Choose between roast beef, roast pork,   
veal, fish or chicken & imported fresh meat

All our products are fresh. Qualified to european hygiene standard, and Ewald prepares everything based on your order.

We also offer also Fish, Salads, Sausages and wine and more.

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We offer the complete service. You can even rent the BBQ grill, if you like! Following the very strict rules to select our food materials we guarantee best quality.

Our Take-Away Service

Enjoy our quality food at home


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